Level One Stylists

Baileigh Conrad


Baileigh is an up and coming stylist that earned her cosmetology license from the Rudy and Kelly Academy. Although she has only been doing hair for a few years, Baileigh is going on her fifth year working in the hair industry with Rudy and Kelly Greenbrier. Since completing her formal education, she has continuously enrolled in classes to perfect her skills in cutting and balayage services. She is also certified in the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatments. Baileigh specializes in braided styles as well as children’s cuts. This industry is exciting for her because there is always something new to learn with the constant changes in trends and techniques. She loves to see her clients smile because of an experience or service that she was able to provide them with. Baileigh is laid back and easy going stylist with a sporty but comfy style. When Baileigh is not in the salon, she loves to spend time with her cat, Haileigh.

Kristin Howell


Kristin graduated from the Rudy and Kelly Academy and has been a dedicated, hardworking hairstylist for two years. She is additionally certified in Donna Bella hair extensions, and continues to further her education and professional skills. Kristin specializes in braided formal styles and having a positive impact on every client she works with. Being a hairstylist is exciting for Kristin because it allows her to be a creative artist. She has a laid back, trendy personal style with a skill for interacting with everyone she comes in contact with. She is talkative but very relatable with an open ear to listen to the needs of all of her clients. Kristin is funny enough to be a standup comedian! She has a special ability for making her clients and coworkers laugh and have fun during their time in the salon. 

Megan Whittington


Megan’s journey as a hairstylist began at the Norfolk Technical Center where she completed her formal education. She then joined the Rudy and Kelly in Greenbrier team for her apprenticeship. She enjoys consistently learning new skills and she specializes in creative color and balayage services. Megan is a very sweet and funny stylist with a unique urban and trendy style. She has a love of all things nerdy, and loves to learn all about what her clients are passionate about too. Megan enjoys her role as a stylist because it allows her to help others feel good about themselves. Doing hair is a creative outlet for Megan that also allows her to spread confidence and joy to her clients. 

Level Two Stylists

Susan Friend


  Susan is a unique individual that dances to the beat of her own drum. She began her training as a hairstylist at the Rudy and Kelly Academy, and has been doing hair for 26 years. Her education has continued throughout her career with various classes to expand her knowledge and professional skills. Coloring and cutting services are some of her favorites to perform, and her years of experience have provided her with the skills necessary to master any service. She finds excitement in this industry because it is always changing. Susan enjoys constantly working with new people and being presented with opportunities to learn. When she is not behind the chair, she loves to spend time with her maine coon cat.

Michelle Pallister


Michelle’s passion for hair goes back to as early as elementary school as she would practice simple styles on her sisters, and she was confident throughout her life that she would fulfill her dream of becoming a hair stylist. Her career began seven years ago at The College and Career Academy at Pruden in Suffolk. She has since earned certifications with DevaCurl, Dream Catchers Extensions, and the Keratin Smoothing Complex Treatments. Michelle specializes in blonde services, extensions, and haircuts and styles for naturally curly hair. She is a laid back stylist with a casual style and a desire to make each of her clients feel comfortable during their services with her. Her passion to continue to learn and grow her skill sets motivates her to keep up with an exciting industry that always offers new trends and styles. In addition to being a hair stylist, Michelle also attended the Chrysm Institute for Esthetics where she earned her license as a master esthetician.   

Level Three Stylists

Miranda Bennett (Schultz)


Miranda graduated from the Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design in November 2014 and began her career as a stylist that same year. Her education has continued throughout her career with classes to perfect her skills with balayages, formal styles, Redken color services, and makeup. Miranda is also has a certification to perform the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment available at our salon. In addition to her expertise in these services, Miranda is also skilled in bridal hair and makeup. The most exciting part of being a stylist for her is the ability to help others transform their look. She loves to see how confident and beautiful her clients feel when they leave her chair. Every service she gets to do is enjoyable for her because it is an opportunity to meet new people and learn more about her regular clients. Miranda’s personal style is dedicated to embracing and enhancing her natural beauty. Before Miranda was a stylist, she spent eight years practicing and teaching martial arts.

Melisa Brown


  Melisa has loved every moment of these last 25 years of her career as a hair stylist. Her journey in the hair industry began as a shampoo tech at a local salon, and she completed her professional training at the Rudy and Kelly Academy. She has attended additional classes with Matrix, as well as other classes for training with hair, products, and nail services. Melisa specializes in color and haircut services, but is always excited to expand her knowledge and skills. Meeting new clients and other stylists in the hair industry always brings Melisa joy and motivates her in her career. She describes herself as a stylist who embraces her individuality! Melisa is fun, loving, professional, and always stays true to her own unique trendy style. Her favorite part of being a hairstylist is the excitement that her clients have when they love their hair and bring their friends in to see her. When she is not in the salon, Melisa enjoys spending time with her husband of 22 years and her two children. 

Bea Martin


Bea’s journey in the hair industry began in Spain where she worked as an apprentice. When she returned to Virginia, she enrolled in the Rudy and Kelly Academy to earn her cosmetology license and she has now been a hairstylist for six years. Bea has additional certifications in the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment and Pureology products. She enjoys being able to do a wide range of different services because the diversity of styles is always fun and she enjoys challenging herself. Bea values meeting wonderful people every day and making connections with clients that can last a lifetime. She loves that each day in the salon is unique and offers the opportunity for a new experience with the clients and fellow stylists she gets to work with. Bea dedicates herself to making her clients feel special. She has an open ear to listen to their needs and always works her hardest to achieve the goals that they have for their look. Bea is a very spiritual person with an artistic personal style and she embraces her individuality with open arms. 

Zoey Correll


Zoey earned her cosmetology license in 2014 through Glen Oak Cosmetology School in Canton, OH before relocating to Virginia. As a stylist, Zoey dedicates herself to continuing her education and her set of skills throughout her career. She has earned additional certifications in Dream Catchers Hair Extension and she is a certified Redken Color Specialist. She loves doing color services for her clients, and some of her favorite services include balayages and creative colors. Zoey is passionate about using color and haircuts to transform how her clients look and feel about themselves. She values being a hair stylist that can enhance the natural beauty of her client to make them happy and beaming with confidence as they leave our salon. Zoey is a crafty artist that spends her time outside of the salon painting, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time with her daughter.

Level Four Stylists

Samantha Buchanan


Samantha is a graduate of the Rudy and Kelly Academy and has been a dedicated hairstylist for 11 years now. Throughout her career she has attended multiple educational conferences and classes, including hands-on training at the Redken Exchange in New York City. Samantha’s wide range of experience has led her to specialize in a variety of services that allows her to always help her clients feel good about their hair. While the artistry of being a stylist is fun and inspiring, Samantha’s most treasured part of her job is interacting with her clients. She loves the bond that she builds with her clients and is always learning something new from everyone that sits in her chair. She is inspired by the trust that her clients instill in her to help them look and feel their best as they leave our salon. Samantha goes above and beyond for her clients, she is always working her hardest to make sure her clients are properly taken care of. She is laid back and easy going with a unique style that is a combination of bohemian looks and rocker styles.  

Kelly Davis


Kelly’s passion for hair developed throughout her childhood and she knew that she would go to any lengths to fulfill her dream of being a hairstylist. Her professional training began 11 years ago at the Chesapeake Center of Science and Technology, and she has continuously attended further educational training throughout her career. In addition to being trained in a wide range of color and cutting techniques, Kelly is a certified Dream Catchers Extensions stylist as well as a DevaCurl certified stylist. She is also one of our stylists that specializes in fades. Kelly is an extremely bubbly person who loves to laugh, she always enjoys telling jokes with her clients! The most exciting part of her job is the opportunity to interact with new people she meets from all over the world. She loves the diversity of hair types and styles that she gets to work with while making others feel amazing about themselves. In addition to doing hair, Kelly is an expert in giving her clients an extra boost of confidence as they leave our salon. 

Christine Harvey


  Christine graduated from the Rudy and Kelly Academy in 1993 and began her career as a stylist at the Rudy and Kelly in Greenbrier that same year. She is now going on her 13th year as the owner of this salon. In addition to her phenomenal leadership, her area of expertise includes natural dimensional colors, soft feminine shapes, and textured shapes. She enjoys the diverse opportunities that are available in this industry to constantly learn new things and get to know many different people. Her favorite part of being a stylist is making others feel beautiful and confident. Christine is one of the most kind and generous people you will ever meet! She is warm, sincere, friendly, and down to earth. Her personal style is very fashionable and eclectic with a touch of whimsical flair. Christine has a love for shopping at antique stores and collecting vintage jewelry and accessories. She once owned a handmade jewelry company where she sold her own unique pieces of jewelry.

Melinda Ilsley


Melinda’s career began at the New England School of Cosmetology in New Hampshire. She has been a stylist for 17 years and specializes in long hair styles, blonde services, and formal styles. Her favorite thing about being a stylist is giving others the opportunity to relax and feel more confident about themselves while they enjoy their hair services. Melinda is a stylist with an ear to listen and an abundance of patience. She is also a triathlete who dedicates her time outside of the salon to training and her family of four children.  

Krista Marcelo


 Krista’s career as a hairstylist began at the Rudy and Kelly Academy before moving on to Rudy and Kelly Greenbrier where she has been a stylist for 23 years now. She has a love for producing dimensional hair colors and she specializing in blonde and highlighting services. Krista has perfected her highlighting technique over the years, making her the quickest stylist with foils at our salon! Her job continuously excites her because it is different every day and every client she gets to work with is so unique. Krista loves being a hairstylist because it allows her to empower and encourage her clients through the process of achieving their desired look that will make them feel best about themselves. She is always up for a challenge or a big change that her clients want to do. Whether she is working with a new client or one of her regular clients, she loves to help them try new things to freshen up their looks. Krista has a classic, urban chic look, like the Loft meets the Vans Store. When she is not behind the chair, Krista loves to spend time with her husband of 17 years and her beloved dogs. Krista also has a love for decorating, if she was not a hairstylist she would have pursued a career as an interior designer. 

Kristin Mooney


Kristin is a graduate of the Rudy and Kelly Academy and has been doing hair for the last 27 years. She specializes in color and highlights including corrective color services. Kristin is also skilled in razor cutting, layering, and long hair styles. She is a laid back stylist who loves to laugh, and describes her style as hippie chic. The most rewarding part of this career for her is the ability to bless her clients by putting a smile on their face. Kristin loves to connect with new people and help them love their hair. To learn more about what makes Kristin unique, please book an appointment with her today!

Crystal Phelps


Crystal attended the Chesapeake Center of Science and Technology for her formal education and did her apprenticeship at Rudy and Kelly Greenbrier. She has been a hairstylist here for the past 17 years. Crystal has earned additional certifications in the Brocato Supersilk treatment as well as the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment. She specializes in hair colors, highlights services, and formal styles. This industry excites her because she always has an opportunity to use her creative skills in order to make her clients feel beautiful. She loves to help her clients improve their self-confidence with fun, updated, and trendy styles. Crystal has a little bit of everything to offer and enjoy! She is energetic and fun with a sporty, artistic style. Her time off work is dedicated to her husband and three children, as well as to her love of gardening, obstacle races, and the beach.